HughesNet Surpasses Advertised Expectations

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HughesNet Surpasses Advertised Expectations

HughesNet Gen4 is ranked as the highest satellite broadband service provider by the according to the The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) annual Measuring Broadband America report when it comes down to meeting advertised performance measures.

This report from that the FCC run covers satellite, DSL, cable and fiber Internet from over 16 providers covering around 80% of the U.S.A. With More than 1 million users HughesNet Gen4 is the world’s leader in providing broadband satellite services.

After testing by the FCC HughesNet Gen4 has been found to exceed advertised upload and download speeds; much more than any other satellite or terrestrial Internet provider. Upload speeds were found to exceed 1.5 times the advertised speed. Similarly download speeds were found to be consistently more than 2 times the advertised speeds, even during peak usage times.

2015 was the first time HughesNet was measured by the “Measuring Broadband America” report, beating out other long running satellite Internet providers. This is coincides with the release of HughesNet SmartTechnologies suite to enhance performance in download and upload times, and compressing data more efficiently to help with users data usage. Along with the launch of HughesNet JUPITER platform that powers new broadband satellites’ multi-spot beam Ka-band HughesNet Gen4 will continue to meet the high demand for services in North America.

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