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Understanding HughesNet Satellite Internet Speeds

Much of rural America is still struggling with extremely slow and outdated dial-up Internet. In fact, 10% of the population lacks access to a high-speed broadband connection. Luckily, HughesNet satellite Internet plans are a great alternative! Satellite Internet allows people to get high-speed Internet in rural areas.

Take advantage of the HughesNet speed test and compare your results to the table below. Chances are, your Internet speeds could use an improvement. All HughesNet Internet plans offer download speeds of 25 Mbps1 and upload speeds of 3 Mbps!


See How Your Internet Speeds Stacks Up to HughesNet Internet

Speed Good For Time for a 250MB File Download
Dial-Up (56 kbps) Checking e-mail and light Googling. 10.5 Hours
3 Mbps General web surfing, e-mail, light social media use. 11.5 Minutes
10 Mbps Non-HD video streaming, music streaming, small file sharing, video conferencing. 3.5 Minutes
15 Mbps Single users streaming high-quality HD video, online gaming, quick downloads. 2.5 Minutes
25 Mbps1 (HughesNet Speeds) Multiple users in a household streaming HD video, multiple connected devices, fast downloads. 1.5 Minutes

What Your Internet Speed Test Results Mean

Mbps stands for Megabits per second and is used to describe the amount of bandwidth that a network can transfer at any given time. Basically, a higher Mbps Internet connection can handle more data and will provide faster speeds. Remember, the same impressive HughesNet speeds are available on all plans, no matter what you pay!

Download speeds describe how fast you can pull data from the web server to your device. This number is the most important to consider since the majority of online activity involves downloading. HughesNet’s 25 Mbps1 download speeds allow for fast web page loading and smooth, high-quality video streaming.

Upload speeds measure how fast you can send data to other computers. This is used when you send an e-mail attachment, post pictures on Facebook, or use a video chat service such as Skype. HughesNet’s 3 Mbps upload speeds provide fast file uploads and a seamless video chat experience.

Finally, ping time measures the latency or delay in your connection. When latency is high, it will take longer for you to begin a data transfer, such as loading a web page.

What is The Latency with HughesNet Satellite Internet?

Internet latency is only a concern for people who play real-time video games online. These are games that require fast-paced inputs and immediate responses. Think first-person shooters and online fighting games.

The important thing to remember is that latency will not affect the majority of online activities that you love! Watching Netflix, browsing the Internet, or sharing photos on social media will be fast and seamless with HughesNet, no matter what the latency is.

With satellite Internet, data must travel to and from the satellite as well as to and from the web server. The average distance between your home and the satellite is over 22,000 miles, so some latency is unavoidable. With HughesNet Satellite Internet you can expect about half a second of latency.

Again, this will only effect users playing fast-paced, online games. There are still many online games that are not affected by latency. For example, you’ll be able to enjoy Facebook games, online board games, and strategy games without facing performance issues. Check out our Gaming with HughesNet page to learn more.

How to Maximize Your HughesNet Internet Speeds

With HughesNet high-speed satellite Internet you can get up to 25 Mbps1 download speeds. However, the actual Internet speeds your experience are dependent on a variety of factors. Things that may contribute to slower HughesNet speeds include:

  • Poor router location
  • Multiple users on your network
  • Wi-Fi interference from other devices
  • Debris or dust near satellite receiver
  • Network congestion during peak times

Place your router centrally, preferably elevated, to provide an unobstructed connection with your devices. Multiple people in your home streaming HD video or downloading large files will bog down your connection. Make sure you have a password on your Wi-Fi to prevent neighbors from contributing to slow speeds.

Other devices in your home, such as garage door openers or microwaves, may be interfering with the Wi-Fi connection between your modem and your devices. To avoid this, connect devices that are close to your modem to the 5 GHz network. You can also try resetting your network by rebooting your modem.

What Happens to HughesNet Speeds When I Run Out of Data?

Your Internet will not be cut off if you go over your monthly data allowance. Instead, HughesNet will simply throttle your Internet speeds for the remainder of the month. This is to ensure that all customers on the HughesNet network can enjoy their fair share of high-speed Internet!

The throttled HughesNet speeds can be as low as 1 Mbps and up to 3 Mbps. As you can see from the table above, you will still be able to browse the Internet with no problem. However, you have the option to purchase data tokens from HughesNet which will immediately remove speed restrictions from your account.

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Videos, music, pictures—with HughesNet Internet you get a huge amount of data, so you’re free to explore more of what the Internet has to offer. Plus, there are no hard data limits!

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HughesNet offers a variety of affordable Internet plans that are built to suit any budget, and are available where you live today, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options!

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HughesNet uses satellite technology, freeing up the phone line for more important things, like making phone calls! Plus there’s no need to dial in – HughesNets always on.

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