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What’s New With Hughesnet In 2024

What’s New With Hughesnet In 2024

If you live in rural America and want high-speed internet at home, say hello to the new Hughesnet — this is satellite internet reinvented! Now Hughesnet delivers faster speeds, unlimited data, and new Fusion plans that combine satellite and wireless technologies for a low-latency, more responsive internet experience. Now you can do it all — connect, stream and play like never before — wherever you live.

New Internet Plans

With the new Hughesnet, there’s new internet plans! Depending on where you live, you’ll have a choice between satellite only and satellite and wireless technologies called Hughesnet Fusion. Hughesnet Fusion plans blend the best of satellite and wireless technologies into a single connection that transforms the rural internet experience. For more information on Hughesnet Fusion, check out our full plans HERE.

Faster Internet Speeds

Hughesnet now delivers a faster and more reliable internet service than ever before so you can stay connected, wherever you live. All new Hughesnet plans feature faster speeds; up to 100 Mbps.1 For more information about Hughesnet Internet service, check out out our full plans HERE.

Unlimited Data

Yes! Unlimited data is finally here!8 Each service plan comes with unlimited Standard Data. There’s no limit on how much Standard Data you can use. Just be aware that Standard Data speeds may be slower during high-traffic periods.

If you run out of Priority Data, you’re not stuck. If you want more Priority Data, you can always purchase a Priority Data Token. A Priority Data Token doesn’t expire and is available as soon as you need it. To help out with that, online activity between 2am and 8am doesn’t count against your Priority Data amount.

Whole Home Wi-Fi Is Available

To make your experience even better, Hughesnet now offers whole home Wi-Fi! Whole Home Wi-Fi service is completely optional; customers may choose to lease or purchase optional Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes to further extend their Wi-Fi signal throughout their home or office and eliminate dead zones. your Hughesnet installer will help you determine if your home requires Mesh Wi-Fi nodes to eliminate dead zones. Check out more information about our Whole Home Wi-Fi product HERE.

If you’re not interested in whole home Wi-Fi, that’s okay. Every Hughesnet plan comes with a new Wi-Fi Modem that includes Wi-Fi 6, the latest standard in Wi-Fi technology.

Reduced Latency

Only Hughesnet offers Fusion plans that combine satellite and wireless technologies for a low-latency, more responsive internet experience. Now available for most Hughesnet customers!

With a Hughesnet Fusion plan, the internet feels faster and more responsive. Multipath technology speeds your connection so content-rich web pages load fast, and images download quickly. You can stream video and enjoy smooth video-conferencing, with less buffering. And you can enjoy online gaming with a low-latency connection that won’t spoil the fun.

Available Where You Live

Hughesnet is available in rural areas — so you can live where you love and still stay connected. It’s available even in places that are beyond the reach of traditional cable and fiber internet providers.

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