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Hughesnet Launches New JUPITER 3 Next Generation Ultra High Density Satellite

Hughesnet Launches New JUPITER 3 Next Generation Ultra High Density Satellite

Hughesnet is known globally for being a leader in network solutions, from high-speed satellite internet for home consumers, to large scale network solutions for corporations. They’ve been a pioneer in the industry since they launched their first satellite in 1963, and they show no signs of stopping. On July 28th, 2023, the company launched their brand new JUPITER 3 satellites into orbit. The JUPITER 3 network promises to provide a wide variety of upgrades and improved performance for both home satellite internet and commercial customers, and is now in-service across Hughesnet’s network.

With increased speeds and improved performance across the board, the new technology being introduced is sure to excite current and prospective Hughesnet customers alike. That’s why we wanted to take a quick second to break down exactly what changes JUPITER 3 satellites could bring to your Hughesnet service.

What Will Hughesnet JUPITER 3 Change?

The question that first jumps to mind is “how is this going to change my service?” and we’ve got some exciting news! The launch and implementation of JUPITER 3 satellites are going to greatly improve Hughesnet service in many areas. Right off the rip, it more than doubles the capacity of the current JUPITER Hughesnet fleet, which allows for even more usage for commercial and residential uses such as Home Internet, In-Flight Wi-Fi, maritime connections and more.

The change that affects the most Hughesnet customers will undoubtedly be its impact on home satellite internet. The launch of the JUPITER 3 satellite allows for Hughesnet home internet speeds to increase all the way to 100 Mbps for most residential locations across the United States. That is a very significant speed boost that will provide a noticeable difference to high-speed internet customers.

Increased Satellite Home Internet Speeds

As we stated above, thanks to the JUPITER 3’s launch and implementation, Hughesnet is now able to deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps to satellite internet customers across the country. Previously, the JUPITER 2 satellite was able to provide speeds up to 25 Mbps, so this new speed boost certainly will be a great increase for customers. 100 Mbps is more than enough to easily handle tasks such as video streaming, online gaming, download speeds, and more. It will also make lifestyle options like working from home, or taking online courses much easier.

Hughesnet internet has always pushed the boundaries of high-speed satellite internet, and this newest performance boost is one of its greatest increases ever.

Powerful Enterprise Network Solutions

While residential satellite internet is one of the most hot-button topics when it comes to Hughesnet, they also offer some very robust enterprise and business services that will be affected by the launch of the JUPITER 3 satellites. With its network capacity more than doubled, Hughesnet now offers an even more comprehensive and secure enterprise package which can include everything from 5G Solutions and Managed Security to Broadband and SD-Wan Connections!

In today’s business world, security is incredibly important to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and Hughesnet offers affordable, secure, and optimized services to fit your needs.

What Areas Will JUPITER 3 Cover?

The position at which the JUPITER satellite was launched means it will be providing performance boosts across North & South America. That means Hughesnet satellite internet customers across the United States will be receiving this speed increase. Thanks to JUPITER 3’s capacity increase, Hughesnet will not only be providing faster speeds to its customers, but also reducing any latency or “switch over time” as your connection changes satellites.

Satellites Launched By SpaceX

In order to get its new JUPITER 3 satellites into geostationary orbit, Hughesnet partnered with industry titan SpaceX. The company used its workhorse Falcon Heavy rocket to safely deliver the JUPITER 3 into orbit after launching from the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida on July 28th, 2023.

Solar Powered Technology

As the largest commercial satellite ever built, the JUPITER 3 requires a constant supply of power to keep itself running. Its solar array was designed by Maxar Technology, a trailblazer in the design of satellites. On November 20th, 2023, it was announced that the satellite’s massive solar array and antennas were correctly functioning, and allowed for preliminary testing to occur.

The Impact of JUPITER 3 on Satellite Internet

The successful launch and connection of the JUPITER 3 satellite is one of the biggest undertakings in satellite connectivity, and will create a huge impact on consumers and suppliers alike. It will allow for consumers who rely on satellite internet to stay connected to receive industry-leading speed and performance. JUPITER 3 will also serve as a huge jump for satellite technology as a whole, leading the way for providers for years to come!

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