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3 Reasons To Choose Satellite Internet For Rural Areas

3 Reasons To Choose Satellite Internet For Rural Areas

If you and your family live in a rural remote area, finding an internet service provider can seem like an impossible task. Cable internet providers probably don’t have coverage anywhere close to you, and fiber optic internet providers haven’t even gotten out of the major cities. Thankfully, there are some quality satellite internet providers that offer a powerful connection directly to your home.

Now, you may have heard some common myths about satellite internet, which we’ve tackled here before! Satellite internet became available in the late 1990’s, and has made massive strides to become the impressive technology it is today. There are still some prevailing myths about how it’s unreliable or not fast enough – but that just isn’t true. While those may have been true in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, some of the biggest internet providers in the world offer satellite internet, and they’ve been rapidly improving the technology for decades. There are quite a few satellite internet options available right now, that provide very robust services and connect rural homes to high speed internet for affordable costs.

That’s why today, we wanted to break down 3 Reasons To Choose Satellite Internet For Rural Areas.

Reason #1 – Satellite Internet Coverage Is Almost Everywhere

The most important thing about choosing an internet service provider is making sure it can cover where you live in the first place – and that’s where satellite internet shines. Satellite internet companies such as Hughesnet, can cover the entire continental United States. That means that no matter where you live, or how remote it is, you can get a high speed internet connection with satellite internet. In the case of Hughesnet, all you need to have is a clear view of the Southern sky and you can connect to its incredibly impressive network of satellites.

For any satellite internet connection, you’ll need to have a home or ground-mounted satellite dish installed, but some providers such as Hughesnet, offer free home installation – so it doesn’t cost you any extra. If you live in a remote area, and are frustrated with your current cable or fiber internet options, it’s a great time to give satellite internet a try.

Reason #2 – Get A High Speed Connection With Satellite Internet

Now that you know satellite internet’s impressive coverage area – it’s time to get to the real question. What kind of internet speeds can you get in a rural or remote area in the United States? While many people seem to think poorly of satellite internet’s speed capabilities, constantly improving technology has allowed for speeds surpassing many cable internet companies.

Many satellite internet providers are pushing speed capabilities of 100mbps, which often beats out what cable internet can deliver – at a fraction of the cost. That’s enough data to do just about anything you’d want, from gaming and streaming, to working from home and uploading videos. For those of us who live in rural areas, satellite internet offers the best speeds available!

Reason #3 – Satellite Internet Doesn’t Rely on Cables And Cable Companies

Another huge benefit of satellite internet that isn’t thought of much, is its rock solid performance – no matter the conditions. If there’s a storm in your area, those with cable internet often lose their connection completely as internet wires get taken out by trees or high winds. Then it takes days or weeks for the cable company to get out to your area, fix the issue, and restore your connection. If you’re living in a rural area, this process can be even more long and drawn out – and cost you money for a service you can’t even use.

With satellite internet, you don’t have to rely on internet cables to deliver your connection – so you can stay connected. Major storms in your area can delay speeds, but as soon as they’re gone – it’s back up and running instantly! Plus, you don’t have to rely on a shady cable company hastily trying to patch its network back together after a storm. Satellite internet is the model of consistent performance, regardless of the weather and terrestrial conditions around you.

Is Satellite Internet A Good Choice For Me?

There are a huge number of factors that should play into your decision for a home internet provider. You need to evaluate your needs and find what type of service matches it best. Will it cover your home? Does it deliver the speeds you want? Will it be up-and-running when you need it most?

We believe satellite internet is a great choice for many consumers, but especially those living in rural areas. Satellite technology has advanced a long way, and continues to improve every year – with significant boosts in performance every year. If you’re looking to make the switch to a new home internet provider – give satellite internet a try!

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