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Top 10 Satellite Internet Myths

Top 10 Satellite Internet Myths

If you’re ever considered making the switch to home internet from a satellite internet provider, you’ve probably heard some pretty common complaints. Some people claim that it’s too slow, too expensive, or just an outdated form of technology.

While that may be the common perception of satellite internet technology – it can’t be further from the truth. Across the board – satellite internet providers such as Hughesnet have really pushed the satellite internet industry, resulting in better technology and a more well-rounded experience.

That’s why we want to take a second to give you an in-depth explanation of Hughesnet’s powerful satellite internet options, and quickly debunk some of these common satellite internet myths!

Myth #1 – “Satellite Internet Is Too Slow!”

This is probably the most common myth about satellite internet that you’ll hear today – but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Hughesnet satellite internet is about to deliver a high-speed internet signal to homes across the continental United States. That means Hughesnet is a great choice for people whose homes may be in remote areas – and whose only other internet options are DSL or Dial-Up Internet which Hughesnet is able to handily beat in most scenarios!

Another positive is, unlike cable internet, having satellite internet means you don’t have to share your signal with your neighbors around you, avoiding slowdowns at peak times!

Myth #2 – “Satellite Internet Is WAY Too Expensive”

Another very frequent complaint you will hear about satellite internet that just isn’t correct, is its extremely expensive cost. While satellite internet may have been slightly pricier when it first debuted decades ago, it is now among the most affordable ways to connect your home to the internet. There was a time when it could cost you a pretty penny, but today Hughesnet has plans that start at just $64.99/month.

Plus, if you sign up for Hughesnet today you can cash in on great extras such as FREE Installation!

Myth #3 – “Satellite Internet Is Just For People Who Live In The Middle of Nowhere”

If you’ve heard this myth before, it’s definitely because satellite internet actually IS incredibly good at reaching a wide geographic area. Hughesnet can cover homes across the continental United States, thanks to their huge fleet of satellite dishes currently orbiting the Earth!

That being said, satellite internet is a great option for families or individuals who do live in remote areas, but Hughesnet has thousands of customers that live in suburban and urban environments, but prefer the ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness of satellite internet with Hughesnet.

Myth #4 – “Satellite Internet Is An Outdated Technology”

Similar to other myths about the speed and cost of satellite internet, this myth is based on how things were decades ago. Hughesnet is proud to have been providing high-speed satellite internet for 25+ plus years, but our company and services have continued to evolve throughout the year. Our new Hughesnet Fusion service just recently launched in 2022, and provides high speed internet to customers across the nation.

Satellite internet only continues to get better and better, and Hughesnet is proud to lead the industry with great innovation and top-notch customer service!

Myth #5 – “Satellite Internet Always Has Hard Data Limits”

We have to admit this “myth” can be true depending on your satellite internet provider – but NOT on Hughesnet! They have NO hard data limits on any of their satellite internet plans. While many satellite internet providers will shut down your service when you reach a set data limit, Hughesnet will not. On Hughesnet, you pick the plan with the data amount you want, and if you exceed it, you will experience slowed speeds – but not lose it! And if you find you need more data in a month, you simply purchase more Hughesnet Data Tokens.

Hughesnet also includes a few extras to help get even more out of your data, including a great mobile app to help you manage your usage, a “Bonus Zone” that gives you extra data from 2am-8am local time, and more!

Myth #6 – “I Can’t Watch Video on Satellite Internet”

A few years ago this myth may have been more true – but with today’s powerful satellite internet technology, streaming video is a breeze! Hughesnet satellite internet can easily handle streaming video from all of your favorite providers on devices of all types – such as smart TVs, computers, cell phones, tablets, and more!

To make managing data even easier, Hughesnet even includes their Video Data Saver that helps keep videos playing seamlessly!

Myth #7 – “Installing Satellite Internet Is Such a Mess!”

We’ve found that many people making the switch to satellite internet are worried about having a long and drawn out installation process at their home. Fortunately, this is an easily debunked myth as our installation has never been quicker and easier – plus, Hughesnet offers FREE standard installation so you don’t have to pay a cent extra!

One of our licensed service technicians will schedule a time that works for you to come set up your whole Hughesnet system. They’ll even help you connect some of your favorite devices to your new network, so you don’t have to worry at all!

Myth #8- “I Can’t Get Satellite Internet At My House!”

We hear this quite frequently, which is very surprising given how wide of an area satellite internet truly can cover. Hughesnet can legitimately cover homes across the entire United States, which means you’ll never have to worry about changing internet providers if you decide to move.

Anybody can have high speed satellite internet – the only thing you need is a clear view of the southern sky for your Hughesnet dish to connect to our fleet of satellites!

Myth #9- “I Have To Mount a Satellite Directly To My Home!”

This is a common comment that we receive that just is not true. While many Hughesnet satellite dishes are installed on home’s roofs – they do not have to be! Most providers are able to offer many alternative locations for your home dish including being mounted on garages, attached to a ground mount, and more! Plus, our satellite technology only continues to improve, and the equipment needed continues to shrink!

It’s reasonable to not want to attach a satellite onto your home – but before you rule out high speed satellite internet, reach out to Hughesnet and see what alternatives you have at your home!

Myth #10. I Won’t Be Able To Add All My Favorite Devices

With more and more people using smartphones, tablets, video game systems, laptops, and more – the amount of devices in every home has skyrocketed. Unlike many other satellite internet providers, Hughesnet never limits you in how many devices you can connect to your home network. In fact, you can even set up a guest network to allow your visitors to use their own WiFi signal.

Hughesnet truly allows you, and your whole family, to use your internet service how you’d like!

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