Top 10 Satellite Internet Myths

10 Satellite Internet Myths

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Top 10 Satellite Internet Myths

Satellite Internet providers have been making huge strides in recent years to deliver high speed Internet at affordable rates. This technology means rural homes are no longer stuck with only one option in dial-up Internet, which slow speeds make it almost unusable with modern day media driven websites.

Even though current technology is years ahead of its time, many old associations have stuck around. Today were going explore these and debunk the myths!

1. Satellite Internet Is Slow

Satellite Internet can provide download speeds of up to 25Mbps and upload speeds of 3Mbps1. In a modern day media driven Internet that’s more than enough speed to accomplish anything desired. Dial-up can provide speeds of only 56 kilobits per second.

In comparison, if you wanted to download a 5 minute HD video (300MB), it would take 12 hours on a dial-up plan and just 3 to 8 minutes depending on your satellite plan.

2. It Costs WAY Too Much

When satellite Internet technology first became available to the public it was VERY expensive. Depending on the provider, the price for installation and service could easily exceed $1000/month.

Its easy to see why the bad rep existed, but in just a short period of time satellite technology advanced to the point where a monthly plan can be purchased for as little as $59.99. Most providers also offer free equipment installation.

3. I Cant Do Anything With The Data Limits

One of the biggest complaints people have with satellite Internet is the existence of data limits. Similar to data plans used with cell phones, satellite users are allotted a certain amount of monthly bandwidth (depending on the plan), and if the user goes over that amount the service is throttled down (but still usable). This is in place to ensure that heavy users don’t eat all of the bandwidth and all users get the same access to steady upload and download speeds.

All satellite Internet providers have bandwidth limits, and many customers simply fail to fully understand why the exist and how to make best use of what they have. If you spend hours watching HD videos on YouTube, downloading music albums, and making large software updates you will quickly find yourself reaching your limits. Users must understand satellite service is a substitution to dial-up and slow DSL in rural locations, and it cannot be used like cable Internet.

Users should take advantage of the free tools and resources provided with their plan and also take full advantage of bonus bandwidth which is provided during off-peak hours.

4. I’m Going To Encounter Constant Weather Outages

Satellite Internet has always had the reputation of not performing well due to weather outages.

This simply is not the case as your Internet connection will not be interrupted by most clouds and is only effected during extreme weather conditions.

If you have any issues with your service its best to consult your provider and have a technician look into your system. Its possible that your signal was weakened or lost because the storm moved your dish from its signal path to the satellite.

5. Satellite Internet Will Tie-Up The Phone Line

Unlike Dial-up which works over your phone line, satellite delivers two-way, high speed Internet over satellite. You will be able to talk on the phone and explore the Internet at the same time with no interruptions.

Most satellite Internet providers also offer phone service. This will work on a different signal then your Internet so it will also not interfere.

6. The Satellite Receiver Must Be Installed On The Roof

Most satellite receivers are installed on a home or businesses roof, but that’s not the only available option. Your certified installer will have been properly trained to determine the best location to mount the receiver which could be on or near your home/business.

7. The Equipment Is Bulky And Complicated.

Huge, eight-foot dishes are a thing of the past. Modern technology only requires a small dish/antenna, two coaxial cables, a modem, and a computer for you to access high speed Internet. Once your certified installer has your system set up and connected you can begin surfing the web.

If you would like to wirelessly access additional devices such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets you can add a optional router to your system.

8. Satellite Internet Providers Dont Reach Rural Residents

This is the furthest thing from the truth! Many rural residents believe dial-up is their only option for an Internet service but satellite was created with the primarily focus of providing high-speed Internet to rural locations. If you have a clear view of the sky chances are satellite Internet is a great fit for you.

9. The Installation Process Takes Forever

When satellite technology wasn’t as advanced the equipment and installation process did take an undesirable amount of time. Now, just needing a small receiver/dish, two coaxial cables, and a modem, the equipment is slim and easy to setup.

In most locations next day installation can be offered and some providers even offer same day installation. After the equipment is set up the certified installer will make sure you have a proper Internet connection and at that point you are ready to surf. This entire process usually takes 4 or less hours and no further installation will be needed.

The time from purchasing the service and when you are able to actually use it is no slower than cable, DSL, or fiber installation.

10. I Wont Be Able To Connect My Wireless Devices To The Network

Just like Cable, DSL, and Fiber Internet, you can easily add a router to your system and connect tablets, cell phones, laptops and all other devices with Wi-Fi capabilities. These devices will be able to access same high speed satellite network that was hooked up to the initial computer during installation with a modem.

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