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7 Advantages of Satellite Internet

7 Advantages of Satellite Internet

Having a high-speed internet connection in your home has very quickly become a necessity in today’s digital world. You need a quick and reliable connection for just about everything; from practical tasks like working from home or attending virtual classes, to keeping yourself entertained by streaming movies or playing online games. In the past, cable internet was looked at as the only option for high-speed internet, but that just simply isn’t the case any more.

Satellite internet technology has been pushed forward by providers such as Hughesnet, to offer some serious advantages over traditional cable internet providers. From wide coverage ranges to reliability in service outages, here are 7 advantages of satellite internet!

#1 – Nationwide Coverage

The most critical component of signing up for any internet service is the coverage area. If a provider doesn’t reach your home, you couldn’t switch to them if you wanted. Cable internet companies are limited to where they decide to lay their network, and unfortunately many rural communities get skipped, or provided with sub-par cable internet technology. However, satellite internet is there to provide rural communities with high-speed internet, regardless of where they’re located.

Companies like Hughesnet use their Low Earth Orbit satellites to offer truly nationwide coverage. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, and Hughesnet can deliver high-speed internet directly to your home – no questions asked!

#2 – Satellite Internet Saves You Money

Another major advantage that satellite internet providers have over other options is its affordability. Often, you can sign up for satellite internet for a fraction of the cost of cable internet. Plans from Hughesnet start at just $49.99/mo for high speed internet, and give you everything you could want out of an internet connection!

Plus, while cable internet companies are notorious for continuously changing your rate month-to-month, Hughesnet includes a 2-Year Price Lock Guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about a constantly moving price point!

#3 – Unaffected By Service Outages

Often, bad storms and inclement weather is when you need a high-speed internet connection the most. Cable internet companies rely on huge amounts of cabling, frequently built out in areas that get hit in storms; which results in frequent and long internet service outages. What’s the point in paying for the internet if it’s constantly going out when you need it?

Satellite internet doesn’t rely on any cabling, so it’s mostly unaffected by service outages during storms or bad weather. Your internet signal is sent directly to your house from a satellite in orbit around Earth, so there are no cable networks needed!

#4 – High-Speed Internet

Quite possibly the most important factor in your internet service provider decision is the speeds they can deliver to your home. In the past, satellite internet could be limited in the speeds it could provide, but thanks to some impressive new satellite technology, providers like Hughesnet can now provide speeds up to 100 Mbps.

That is more than enough speed to do just about everything you’d want – including video streaming, online gaming, and more. 100 Mbps allows your household to use the internet how they’d like, with multiple devices accessing your high-speed internet signal at once with little to no interruptions!

#5 – Unlimited Data

Many satellite internet providers used to enforce strict data caps to keep connections strong, but that is no longer the case. With constantly improving technology, providers such as Hughesnet can now offer truly unlimited data. That means you never have to worry about hitting some hard data limit that completely cuts off your connection.

Stop changing your internet usage around data caps, and use your internet exactly how you want!

#6 – Connect Multiple Device

In today’s online world, people connect devices of all types to their home internet. Everything from laptops and desktops to smart tvs and gaming rely on a reliable connection. Satellite internet offers a high-speed connection that, when paired with a modem and router, will allow you to connect all of your favorite devices.

Some providers, such as Hughesnet, even provide a router, so you don’t have to make any additional purchases to start using your connection!

#7 – Constantly Expanding Technology

Another huge benefit of satellite internet is its ever-expanding technology. While cable internet providers have sat back and relied on technology from decades past, satellite internet providers have been blazing new trails with and innovating within the industry. Companies such as Hughesnet have partnered with global titans like SpaceX to launch new satellite technology, and they show no signs of slowing down.

If you make the switch to satellite internet, you can be certain your provider is constantly working to improve their service every day, and that new technology is always right around the corner!

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