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The Best Websites for News

The Best Websites For News

What is the best website for find the news? Which outlet can give me a unbiased opinion? Who can I trust? Which News outlet has the best experience for mobile users? These questions are the ones you should be asking yourself especially when it comes down to finding the news online.

The best websites for news blend together a great user experience, top notch reporting and the ability to consume the news that you want too, how you want too. While some websites branch off of their TV counterparts, other outlets are born online. Here goes a list of the best websites for news, both traditional and alliterative.

Traditional News Outlets

CNN News

The Cable News Network or better known as CNN. CNN’s website is great for news just like it’s Cable TV companion. is very mobile friendly website for those on the go. CNN’s website also shares it’s breaking news reports as well as it’s TV companion. If your looking to stay up to date with the News is a great way to stay up to date.


Fox News is another major News outlet. is a extension off of it’s cable TV counter partner. Fox New’s website first started in 1995, now it’s established as an essential part of their news line up. With Live Video streaming reports available and up to the minute reporting on major news it has become a go to for news everywhere.

MSNBC is the website affiliated with MSNBC. MSNBC is the sister site to CNBC, NBC, The Weather Channel and more. has a intelligent design when it comes down to their mobile site. Making it a very user friendly experience to consume the news.

Alliterative News Websites


Twitter gets lumped into other social media site but twitter has become a great source of news in recent years. With all the major news outlet and politicians, having their own twitter pages it has made twitter a very viable source to consume the news. Unlike other social media sites twitter’s users do not need permission to follow another user. This makes it easy for news outlets to have a mass following, along with other politician. Twitter is also useful as news can be “tweeted” live as it happens. So it makes it easy to stay updated with any breaking news.


Reddit news is a very different style of news website. It’s users generated so you have a assortment of options when it comes down to information to pull from. Reddit allows you to not only view the news but interact with it. Reddit has been a very useful tool to use for finding information and the news because other users can participate and give their incite.

Weather Channel

The Weather channel or is perfect for checking the weather and seeing what the 7 day forecast shall be. The weather channel also has news articles relating to the weather, travel, health and environment. Which make’s it a very good website for not just weather but finding useful and more precise coverage on anything environment related.

Google News

Google News is a great services that Google offers. With a Beta launching in 2002 and the initial release in 2006, Google News “ is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide” – Google. This makes Google News a good outlet for doing research on a wide range of topics. This is because Unlike other news outlets Google News is pulling from many outlets giving you a plethora to choose from.


BuzzFeed News is a unique news outlet in which it is aiming for the more youthful crowd. This is because unlike other major news outlets, BuzzFeed was born online and functions solely online. BuzzFeed is a useful tool for after the fact type of news articles. These articles are usually based off of the reaction and the effects of certain topical stories.

Whichever political category you fall into it’s important for you to read the news from different outlets and gather different opinions. It is important to get an unbiased opinion before you come to your own conclusion. That’s why it’s always a good thing to read news article from multiple websites and always cross reference. Let us know in the comments section what is the best websites for news and what new outlets do you go to online?

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