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Get Inspired by these Farmhouse Decorating Blogs

Get Inspired by these Farmhouse Decorating Blogs

Rural living has its perks: quieter streets, breathing space between you and the neighbors, picturesque pastures and, perhaps my favorite, farmhouse decor! Vintage, rustic and farmhouse-style decor continues to grow in popularity. The best decorators are sharing their style on TV, in books, with curated collections in stores, and on blogs. These are a few of my favorite farmhouse decorating blogs that have great tips and tricks for making a beautiful rustic home.

Get Inspired by the Farmhouse Decor Blogs | Satellite for Internet

1. Boxwood Avenue

Boxwood Avenue is a blog that incorporates decor, lifestyle and recipe posts into what founder Chloe Mackintosh calls “farmhouse living.” With everything from before and after photos from their current farmhouse renovation to advice for fellow bloggers, there’s a post for everyone here.

2. The Wood Grain Cottage

Shayna, who resides on a beautiful farm in Colorado, loves sharing seasonal decor ideas from every room of her home on The Wood Grain Cottage. Her new home is gorgeous and she shares easy ways to DIY your own classic rustic accents. Plus, what’s not to love about simple recipes like perfect pancakes and fresh jam?

3. Little Vintage Nest

Sarah combines her simple farmhouse style with great sales, her cute kiddos, recipes and more on Little Vintage Nest. Turn to this blog for tons of tips on adding farmhouse style to your home in minimalist ways that won’t overwhelm your home or your budget.

4. The Willow Farmhouse

The Willow Farmhouse is written by Jennifer, an Ohio-based lover of old barns, willow trees and vintage finds. Her blog is a collection of little details that she’s constantly adding to her beautiful home. Her style is mismatched but it all blends together to create a home that looks cozy and lived-in.

5. House by Hoff

Last, but certainly not least is House by Hoff, a decor blog written by April. She includes lots of how-to posts about creating beautiful decor in your own home. There are also kids’ crafts, gift guides and a lot more here!

Do you have a favorite farmhouse decor blogger I didn’t mention? Share in the comments below!

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