Top Online Tools for Organization

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Top Online Tools For Organization

Organization in our life is something we all strive for. The truth is in today’s society, we are always busy. Finances, social networking, school work and family affairs. Sometimes we need something to help us keep everything straight.

Here is a list of few online solutions that can be used to help organize, optimize and better strategize your life. Whether you need to organize your task, share files, keep track of bills or update your social media accounts there is a online tool for you and your busy lifestyle.


That’s right Google has just about everything you would need. When you hear the word Google, most people’s minds goes straight to the search engine. Did you know Google has a suite of online tools that all work together? Need an emailing system? Google has you covered. Need to share files with other user? Google has you covered! Need a office tool with a spreadsheet, presentations, forms, photo editing and oh yeah a word processor? Google has you covered.

Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Photo’s & Google Calendar all work in tandem. Google makes it easy to integrate all your favorite files, share them with other, create files and have access to them via the online cloud. Best of all this service is completely FREE.

Here are some other features to Google.

  • All in 1 account for everything
  • Drive used to save files, upload content, and access anywhere you have Internet.
  • Mobile device support
  • Google Calendar integrated
  • Gmail
  • Share files
  • Can be used offline – download the app
  • Your 15 GB of storage with available upgrades
  • YouTube
  • Google Plus Account
  • Automatically saves files in background
  • Can be used offline – download the app


Another great tool for organization is Todoist. Todoist is a great online tool that can be used to create files and share them all with an intuitive design. Todoist is very scaleable to fit your needs. From larger task management all the way into individual use.

Todoist offers a free plan and a more premium package for those looking to get something more out of this tool. Now with mobile app support, it’s a great tool to be used anywhere you go.

Here are some key features:

  • Flexibility
  • Integrates with Gmail, Outlook and Postbox
  • Free & Paid Accounts
  • Create and Share Files
  • Create and Assign Tasks
  • Labels for Task priority
  • App Support with IOS, OS X, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Android, Windows & Now Windows X
  • Built in calendar and alerts


Toodledo is a great online tool that. With tones of customizable features to choose from it suited for where your needs are. One of the great features to Toodledo is the simplistic design. That takes the confusion out of task management that other online tools have. Toodledo works on a variety of different platforms. Syncs with your browser and to your phone. Easy tool help you estimate how long task will take and completion time.

Toodledo works with over 100 third party applications and integrates nicely with most common tools. Toodle also comes with a variety of customizable features that makes setting up the system to look like you want a breeze.

Here are some key features:

  • Freely Import and Export your data
  • Get Alarms anywhere
  • Create custom IFTTT recipes
  • Use a Plugin to turn any website into a task
  • iOS, Android, and Mac apps available
  • Categorize tasks into folders and contexts
  • Estimate task length and track actual time spent on tasks
  • Collaborate and share tasks with others
  • Remind yourself with alarms
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Integrates with a variety of third party platforms


Microsoft OneNote is Microsoft’s answer to task management and EndNote. OneNote is your one stop answer to task management. Microsoft products to integrate into OneNote along with Outlook. So you can seemingly go from one application to the next with little to no interruptions.

Use EndNote with multiple devices not just Windows. Mac, iOS, Amazon, Chromebook, clipper and more. Use each device to look, share and create content.

Some of the things that make EndNote unique is it supports pen-enabled tablets and computers. Automatically saves files One of the best features is it’s FREE to download right now!

Some Highlight features are:

  • Built in email support
  • Pen-enabled tablets and computers supported
  • Easily create task lists
  • Syncing abilities with multiple devices
  • Easy table and charts support
  • Automatically saves files in background


Outlook is another great solution for task management and organization. With outlook you can easily set up different email domains. This makes it perfect for those setting up email accounts for others. Write notes about projects you’re working on to keep tabs and important information.

Some Highlight features are:

  • Easily create task lists
  • Built in Calendar
  • Email Client
  • Syncing abilities with multiple devices
  • Remind yourself with alarms


Now HootSuite is a great tool for those of you who run multiple social media accounts and WordPress. HootSuite keeps all your logins nice and tidy. Giving you the ability to interchange between them with ease. Scheduling post, messages and other content is done all through HootSuite.

HootSuite is perfect for business social networks teams. With the ability to monitor multiple streams all at once; your team can stay in touch with the community. Save time with pre-written responses

Some great features are:

  • Mobile Device Support
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, FourSquare, youtube, pinterest, google plus and instagram support
  • Secure login
  • Free and Paid accounts
  • Scalable from Personal use to Business use

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