5 Advantages of Satellite Internet

5-Advantages-of-SatelliteThere are some major advantages of having satellite internet especially for those who living in more rural locations. There are many myths and misconceptions about satellite internet simply because most people don’t know just how far the technology has come. That why we put together this list of the 5 main advantages of Satellite Internet.

Global Coverage

One of the most immediate advantages of satellite internet is the availability. Satellite internet can be reached by those who live in more remote locations. For cable internet it will be hard to establish communications lines over vast distances because of the distance the cable lines will have to travel. With satellite internet all you need to get set up is a satellite receiver.


Save Money

With satellite internet you will save money. Not only do we offer competitive prices but satellite internet will save you money on the initial installation. This is a huge advantage especially for those who live in more rural locations. Having a cable line wired to your house will cost you thousands of dollars upfront and that’s before your first monthly bill. With Satellite Internet all you need is the satellite receiver to get yourself up and running.

Always-on connection

One other advantage of satellite internet is that it’s always on and always connected. Unlike Dial-Up, you don’t have to sign in just to connect. Whenever you need to go online you just go ahead and do it. No waiting or not hassle.

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Use multiple devices

Unlike dial-up, with satellite internet you can use multiple devices at once. That means no more having to turn off the computer just to use the phone. This is a major advantage for larger families, offices or institutions with many people using different devices at the same time.

It Is Unaffected By Service Outages

Satellite internet has one major advantage that not many people think about. It’s not affected by service outages due to severe weather. Unlike other providers that are wired by cable wires or satellite internet is wireless. In the case of cable lines going down or being out of service due to the weather, satellite internet will continue to be in service.

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